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Full Circle Recycle is a family owned and operated, large-scale organic recycling facility. It is located on the Barham's Farm in Zebulon, North Carolina where we have been recycling waste for decades.

As recyclers of organic waste, we accept ALL food waste, such as food waste from restaurants and grocery stores (produce). This does not mean we only recycle waste that was "grown organically" or waste that is "certified organic." ALL food waste is accepted here.

We are equipped to handle commercial recycling of organic waste, utilizing a 750,000 gallon anaerobic digester. Call us today!

Why Recycle Organic Waste?

The major reason for recycling organic waste is environmental. It is no secret that our landfills are filling up. Organic waste comprises 30% of all waste, so diverting organic waste from landfills frees up valuable space for waste that does not decompose.

Additionally, organic waste in landfills is unable to decompose properly since it typically sits under tons of other kinds of waste, preventing air from reaching it. As a result, methane gas is formed and released into the environment. The problem with that is that methane gas is 20 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. And that just doesn't do anyone ANY good to waste it when there are viable solutions available.

We at Full Circle Recycle offer an alternative to both residential and commercial customers through our Organic Waste Recycling service.
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About Full Circle Recycle

Barhams Farms have been in the farming business for over 30 years. We have always been major backers of recycling and have recycled our hog waste since 1990. We have always tried to be forward thinking and work with local technology groups to advance green technologies. We recently worked with NC State on examining duckweed as a biofuel.

We are sensitive to our environment and utilize a covered 2-acre lagoon capturing all of the produced methane (and odor) We use the methane and biofuel to heat our greenhouses, in which we grow cucumbers. Our farm is about as green as a farm can get - nothing on our farm is wasted.

For many years, we produced heirloom tomatoes in our greenhouses, but we finally felt that tomatoes were not the best direction for Barhams. We would like to say thanks to our many customers over the years and we hope that you will continue to enjoy our current vegetable products - cucumbers! Read more...

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